Getting There

Map of Switzerland

The closest main airport is Geneva from which the chalet is about a 2 hour drive or 3 hour train and bus ride away. You can also fly to Zurich (3 hour drive / 4 hour train and bus) or Basel (3½ hour drive / 3½-4 hour train and bus) or even Milan (approx 3 - 4 hour train/bus). There is a small airport at Sion which is only 35mins drive or 1 hour on the bus. A new airline called PowdAir has just started flying there from various regional airports including City Airport – check out

If you wish to hire a car, all the major car hire companies operate from all the main Swiss airports and Europcar has an office in Sion.

To drive into Grimentz in the winter you must, by law, have snow chains and snow tyres would be very useful.

If you wish to transfer by train, the nearest train station to Grimentz is Sierre in the valley from where the Postbus takes you up the mountain. Trains to Sierre run every half an hour or so from Geneva and Zurich airports and from Basel main station.  You can check timetables online at (trains) and (bus) - Sierre-Grimentz route.

If travelling by train or bus, beware the lunch break in the bus service up the mountain! Also note that the last bus up the mountain leaves Sierre at 19.10 or 20.10 on Fridays only.

You can buy tickets online at but if you are travelling with your own children under 16, you may get a good deal by buying a Swiss Transfer Ticket from the Swiss Travel Centre in the UK at – it costs approx £100 for an adult and covers an adult plus all accompanying children under 16 for a return trip from point of arrival to destination including buses up the mountain.

If your flight arrives too late to connect with the last bus up the mountain, you can get a a taxi from Sierre station to Grimentz for the following prices:-

1-4 people - 100CHF
5-8 people - 150CHF
9-15 people - 175CHF

Contact Michel Walter at or tel: 41 796286111

Finally, if you are driving from the UK, the chalet is about 9 hours’ drive from Calais. Again, you will need snow chains and/or tyres in the winter.