Chalet Rules

three embroideries framedPlease note the following rules which will keep the chalet lovely!

  1. No outdoor shoes (and definitely no ski boots!) in the chalet please. This is a normal rule for mountain houses so bear it in mind if visiting anybody in the village! There are plenty of slippers/house shoes in the chalet for you and your visitors.
  2. No smoking anywhere in the chalet. Feel free to smoke on the terrace but please dispose of your butts so we don’t find them when the snow melts! There is an ash bucket on the terrace.
  3. Please don’t put any hot things on the dining table – it marks easily. There are lots of mats in the dresser drawers.
  4. Please don’t put any drinks on the side tables – again, there are drinks mats around the chalet.
  5. Please dispose of ashes from the woodburner into the metal ash bucket on the terrace and NOT into the bin in the kitchen - fire is a constant risk in a village of wooden houses!